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A Simple Way to Grab a Backlink from Google – and It WILL Count Towards Your Overall Link Count

Everyone knows or at least they should know if they own an online business that the way to increase your search engine rankings is to get quality backlinks pointing to your site.

Well, with that in mind, how about a backlink from the king of websites, Google?

In order to do this, simply setup your Google profile at the link below:
Google Profiles

Once done you need to add some links to your site and also use text for the links that correspond to your targeted link phrases – ie. the links that you want to rank well on the search engines for.

There are two places in the Google profile that you can add links.

1. In the “A little personality” section – Here just write a little about yourself, highlight your keyword phrase and click the link button to add a link back to your website.

2. In the ‘Links’ section. – This is fairly self explanatory, just follow the guidelines – Add link and then text for your link, then click the ‘Add’ button.

In the below image you can see how I completed the couple of steps above:

Google Backlink

As far as I am aware these links are DoFollow link. This simply means they will count against your Google ranking once the page and links are indexed.

Now, obviously one link isn’t going to make a great difference. You need to find many more in order to really make an impact on the search engines. That said, you aren’t going to find much easier or quicker ways to grab a quality backlink than the method above.

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