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I’ve been using Friend Blaster pro to successfully add 1000s of friends and 100 of new members to some niche membership sites that I own.

There are many uses for this software – according to the individual – but the main purpose is to build a network of friends to which you can later market yourself or your business.

If you’ve been reading my blog for long you will know that one of the most important aspects of running a successful Internet business is to build a large network or contacts. This software is ONE way to do this, legitimately.

Friend Blaster Pro Myspace friend adder is extremely easy to use. I can’t see anyone having problems getting this up and running. Basically the idea is to set the software to collect a list of Ids from MySpace pages – or even by search certain phrases in Google – then go about getting your main website link in front of these new prospects and friends.

Below is the main FBP control panel:
Friend blaster pro control panel

One effective way I have been using is to have the software trawl the group pages of myspace. So I choose a group related to my niche, then have the software collect all the IDs from that group. Then I set the software to send out friend requests to everyone of the IDs.

Using this method I have one or two Myspace accounts with over 2500 friends, collected in just over one month. With a large network of friends you can virtually guarantee daily traffic to your Myspace account and subsequently from there to your main website.

Myspace does have a daily limit on friend requests of 500. Just to be on the safe side I don’t request more than 300 daily. No point in building a large selection of friends in your niche only to have your Myspace account closed.

For this marketing method to work you need to setup your own MySpace page beforehand with a link or two back to your main website. I put the link to my site in the ‘About Me’ section of my Myspace account. You can use banners too to entice new friends to come to your site.

Naturally when you request a friend the person will checkout your page to see who you are. Chances are they will click through to your site especially if it relates to a topic that they are interested in.

Once you have collected a large group of friends in your niche you can add comments to their pages and send them messages, invites and bulletins using Friend Blaster Pro.

The good thing about this particular Myspace Friend Adder too is that it is frequently updated. This is absolutely crucial as the software needs to keep up with the changes to Myspace. There is a news tab from within the Friend Blaster control panel which will keep you updated on news including latest releases and changes. As you can see from the image below there was 5 updates in December ’08 alone.

Friend blaster pro news page

There are various settings from within your control panel too, to limit the number of daily friend requests, to set the interval between each request.

You can skip Myspace profiles that require Captchas to save time. You DO have to type in the Myspace required Captchas. This is the only drawback in the software and unfortunately cannot be avoided. The good news is that you can easily add 200 friends daily in around an hour. Just don’t overdo your daily activity, whether adding friends, comments or sending messages to friends.

Below you will see some menu options from within the software:

Friend blaster pro menu options

There are two options to buy this software. The first is to use with only one Myspace account and costs $29.95. For unlimited Myspace accounts(which I personally purchased) you will pay $59.95. I think this software is well worth the investment, which I recouped within a week of purchasing.

If your interested in marketing through Myspace then I highly recommend you buy Friend Blaster Pro today.

If you have any questions or comments please use the comments link below.

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