The Same Questions Come Up Time and Time Again – This Will Save Us All Time!

I’ve decided to set up a section of this blog for specifically answering frequently asked questions from people visiting. If I keep at it I believe I can compile a comprehensive and useful list of info for newbies to this business.

It’s a simple concept. Everytime someone contacts me with a question I will answer it in this new section and send the questionner a link to the post with an offer to use the post to followup with further questions. I typically get 5-10 contacts everyday from newcomers. I’ll take new questions from those and answer them here.

This will save me a lot of time as the same questions are likely to come up again and I can simply refer newbies to a previously asked question.

If you have any questions please use the contact for below to get in touch:
Ask Your Questions

The questionners will remain anonymous. I will only use first names when answering via this blog. Questionners are also free to followup via email if they prefer.

I just thought this would be a helpful solution where everyone wins.

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