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Free shoutboxes are a easy way to add some cool advertising boxes to your site.

They don’t always have to be used to allow users to shout their comments. The one that I use, my own, lets me ban visitors from commenting, thus affording me another place on my site to promote my affiliate programs and services.

I can add links in these chatboxes and also change the colors and theme to match the design of my sites.

Anything that moves on a site usually attracts the web visitors. So, the scrolling of the shoutbox should draw prospective buyers’ eyes to the products that I am selling.

The free shoutbox is suited to html websites and also blogs, which are usually in php format.

There are many free shoutboxes to be found online. Some will offer to host your chatbox on their server. Others will give you the entire script which you will have to install at your own server. With my shoutbox site, you simply sign up for a free account, then copy and paste the shout box code into your web page. This makes it available for free hosted sites too.

Shoutboxes come in all sort of designs too. Most are simple scripts simply allowing visitors to shout their comments into the box.

It is important to ensure that there are spam filters and swear word filters in your shoutbox control panel or else you may be plagued by vulgar people and the spam artists.

I think this shoutbox is especially attractive to Internet marketers because of the afore-mentioned ability to use it as an advertising board.

Webmasters just love tools like this that can add some cool benefits for their members and visitors.

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