Serious Illness Afflicts Work at Home Entrepreneur

That, and Less Important Developments in My Home Business…

I’ve been laid low by the flu today. My wife says it’s ‘man flu’. She’s probably right. I thought for a minute I was back in my early teens, trying to look sicker than I am, to cop a day of school.Work at Home Man Flu

I don’t pay too much attention to the ‘swine flu’ malarkey. Famous last words…lol. I guess my scepticism partly comes from witnessing all the hype and BS in Internet marketing. Cui bono? I ask.

It’s funny interesting how physical health effects your mental capacities too. I don’t feel like doing much today and probably won’t. That said, this is my second blog post today. I’ll hit the sack early tonight. That’s for sure!

I’ve finally received my debit card for My World Plus. I was beginning to get worried about that as it’s been around 3 weeks since I applied.

I love getting paid via debit card. The main reason being, that because I am in Ireland and many companies pay via check, I usually have to wait a couple of weeks between payment, receiving the check and depositing it into my bank account.

With a debit card I get paid instantly and can withdraw from any bank machine worldwide.

So, as soon as my card has been activated and I’ve transferred my current My World Plus commissions of $419, I’ll be able to withdraw that money in cash. It beats waiting for a check, any day!

I’ve sold two Blue Host hosting accounts today so far, which earns me $130 in commissions – $65 each.

It’s great that I’ve had a few sign ups for Bluehost that is not related to my Blog set up offer. I know this is the case when the blog set up application does not come through. I’m not surprised as Blue Host is very affordable and offers a lot more than many higher priced hosting companies.

I think I’ve tweaked my blog to the extent now that I have it looking just as I want it. It looks good! I think so, anyhow.

I’ve downloaded another great free blogging report from Yaro Starak which I’m about half way through. It has been very useful so far and I thank Yaro for giving off himself so freely.

My next step – along with my other continuing marketing strategies – is to start to get out there and leave some comments on other high traffic blogs in my niche. These can either be work at home blogs or make money blogging blogs. As long as the niche is related then it will meet my needs.

Leaving comments will serve two purposes. one, I’ll get a back link to my site. Two, I’ll brand my name out there in the blogosphere. Hopefully if my comments appear useful or interesting, other bloggers will come to have a closer look at my blog.

In the meantime, please leave your ‘Get well soon’ and sympathy messages below;-). I’m gonna show them to my wife.

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