A Few Quick Tips on Choosing a Domain Name for Your Home Business

It’s becoming more and more difficult to think of a domain name nowadays that hasn’t already been snapped up by ordinary punters and marketers worldwide. I’ll try my best to give you some tips to make your task a little less stressful on your grey matter;). That’s your brain!

1. Always go for a .com – If you’re planning on building a website for long term profits and web presence then go for the most popular and well known DOT. The others, .net, .org, .biz and .info, among others, just haven’t caught on to the same extent and although usually cheaper to buy may lose you traffic, if your domain name ever becomes very popular. Net surfers will usually go for the .com equivalent when typing a domain name into their web browser.

2. Short or long? – As stated above it’s going to be all but impossible to come up with a catchy short domain name. Two word and many three word – phrases – are mostly gone. So, I tend to opt for much longer names containing my targeted keyword phrases or add an unrelated word to the beginning or end to make it available(See point 3 below).

When I first setup Freeadvertz.com 10 years ago it was originally to promote free forms of advertising. If I’d known where the site was going to go I could have probably grabbed a domain name like makemoneyonlineathome.com or workathomebusiness.com

You have up to 67 characters to use in your domain name. I would use no more than 25 characters if possible.

Tip: Make a list of all the words related to the topic of your site then put some of them together to make up your domain name.

You can choose to put dashes in your domain name or not but obviously a domain without dashes is going to be easier to remember and type into the url bar than those WITH dashes. Golfinportugal.com is better than golf-in-portugal.com. So keep this in mind!

There used to be a theory that putting dashes in the domain name made it easier for the search engines to recognise and rank you for keywords in the name. Google and the others have come a long way since then and have no problem recognising keywords with or without dashes and even misspellings.

3. My, Our or Whatever! – Putting ‘My’, ‘Our’, or other word – even your name – at the beginning of your domain (ie. myhomebusiness.com, ourvacationshomes.com, johnsdogtrainingtips.com) can be used to try to actually find a domain available. I personally don’t have a problem with doing this. As long as I can get my main keywords into the domain name. That would be my priority today when choosing a domain name.

4. Choose Your Name! – Choosing your personal name is another option open to you, for example my internet marketing resource site is MalKeenan.com
This is a great way to help brand yourself. You will also find that many of the top names in this business have domains using their own names or a variation thereof.

In conclusion – You should NOT over-analyze your choice to the point where you are finding it impossible to make a decision. If your intention is to start another Google or Twitter and you can find a snappy name available, well and good!

Most people visiting this site are here to make some extra cash – not to start a
multi-billion dollar business. You never know though;)!

Take action! Go for a .com with some topical keywords related to your site content. Keep it as short as possible!

Once you’re ready I’m waiting to set up a blog for you to get down to the real business of getting some targeted traffic and making a lot of money. Click Here for my site set up offer

If I can get Freeadvertz.com to the first page of Google for the search term ‘work at home‘ then the domain name doesn’t seem to be ultimately that important.

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