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I received my copy Bookmarking Demon 5 just a couple days ago and I must say it is even more powerful than the previous release of this software which I originally purchased about a year ago.

I look forward to the day when every tool I use is a complimentary or review copy but for now I have to purchase 9 out of 10 products or services that I use – including this one.

Previously I have used auto social poster. ASP is great as it’s a post and leave tool. I make a post on WordPress and autosocial poster does the rest, ie. posts my bookmark on up to 33 social sites.

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The great thing about Bookmark demon is that it is almost just as automated – once setup and the post links added to the software – and crucially it can post to 107 social bookmark sites.

The accounts can also be setup on autopilot which take a big headache and a lot of time spent making account completely out of your hands.

To avoid spam, Bookmark Demon will stagger your posts over days, if you choose, and only submit a certain amount of posts to only some of the Social bookmark sites.

This web promotion tool is a great way to dramatically increase the amount of one way backlinks to your web business.

The fact that most of the sites submitted to, are authority sites, should give any links you submit a good boost in search engine ranking.

Bookmarking Demon has saved me hours of time already simply by automating the account creation process. Every day since, that I’ve used it to bookmark my blog posts and various niche websites, has saved me more and more time.

Another cool and time-saving feature of this software is it’s ability to crawl my website and bring back all the page links available. My plan is to do this with many of my niche sites, and submit each page to as many Social Bookmark sites as possible. As stated above the process can be staggered to avoid spamming the SB sites.

My advice is to only set up 1 bookmarking account at each SB site. There is no need to spam. It is enough to submit each blog post that you make to every bookmarking site. That is over 100 back links for each post.

Bookmarking Demon Features:

– bookmark to 100+ social bookmarking sites
– supports adding unlimited pligg and scuttle bookmarking sites
– has no monthly fees
– free updates
– bookmarking randomization

The only problem I can see with Bookmarking Demon is that it won’t be possible for a newbie to jump right in and start submitting. You will have some reading to do in order to get the hang of the software.

Obviously you want to start off on the less complicated processes then work your way up to the more advanced settings.

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There is also a comprehensive PDF guide available in the package download you will be directed to on completion of payment. This should be followed in order to speedup your learning and to ensure that you’ll be building those backlinks in as short a time-frame as possible.

Another point to make is that you will occasionally have to fill out a captcha field when submitting and creating accounts. I suppose this can’t be avoided and is usually the case even with the most automated software.

All in all I am finding Bookmarking Demon well worth the investment of $147

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Click the PDF file below to view and download your free 37 page guide on Social Bookmarking, What it’s all about and How it Can Help You Dominate the Search Engines:
Free 37 Page Social Bookmarking (Right click this link and Save to Desktop)

I’m off now to do some serious backlinking to this post 😀

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