BEWARE! Fake Google Cash, Home Job Placement and Other Work at Home Scams

Fake News Pages Can Trap Unwitting Work at Home Seekers into a Hefty Sign up Fee or Worse, Ever Renewing Monthly Subscriptions

These work at home sites are presenting themselves as independent news sources when they are everything but.

I respect the right of a business owner to use legitimate strategies to make their sites more trustworthy – getting listed in the Better Business Bureau, having eTrust seals on their pages, and the like, but creating false news sites to lure unwitting customers in, goes WAYYY beyond the acceptable.

I don’t like labelling any business a scam – IF it isn’t blatantly obvious – because I believe the word ‘scam’ is too loosely used online. Many will label an opportunity a scam just because they haven’t made money with it – in spite of the fact that countless others have.

Some of these so called scam sites don’t check too much into the facts, before they jump to conclusions.

Anyway, I digress…


It’s sites like these false news sites, that give genuine online business owners like myself a bad name and make it all the more difficult to gain trust for our legitimate businesses.

Here’s an article from ABC news reporting on a similar scam:
Work From Home With Google? Not So Fast

By the looks of it these companies try to stay within the advertising laws by publishing disclaimers. If viewers look close enough they’ll see in small print the word ‘Advertisement’ at the top of the page(See image below). The point is that even with their disclaimers and small print, ordinary people are being lured into their opportunity by false advertising.

Their comments are obviously false as there is no link for anyone to leave a comment. The testimonials and check photo are likely to be false too.

Checking Them Out

I looked a little further into this particular scam for ‘Home Jobs Placement’ anyhow.

I went and entered my details into the ‘Search for Work at Home Jobs in Your Area’ form. So I put in the zip 90210 and miraculously there were indeed jobs available for Beverley Hills. What a surprise:-)!

This page look very professional with video, audio, testimonials, everything you’d expect to see on a legitimate site.

I clicked the ‘sign up now’ link and was taken to a page to submit my application. I swear if I get rejected, I’ll eat my 40 inch flat screen, one piece at a time;-).

Hooray! I wasn’t rejected. Now on to the good bit! I’m on a page where I’m being asked to submit my payment details AND pay $197 but the good guys over there aren’t gonna take my payment for 3 months, while I check out the program. How nice of them!

OK, time to get out of there. I think I’ll decline to pay the $197.

I did enter my legitimate email address so it will be interesting to see how the follow up via email.

Similar Scams and Avoiding them In the Future

I’ve heard of similar sites where they have you enter your payment details for a free info pack. What most don’t notice in the fine print is that they’ll be charged $50 after a few days have passed and $50 every month after that with no channels to make an easy cancellation.

People taken in by these scams have had to go through banks and credit card companies to stop the payments and try to retrieve their lost cash.

This is a typical, ‘get paid a fortune’, for doing very little, type program. As I have said umpteen times on this site, you WILL NOT get paid much for doing little.

Here’s an article from ABC news on avoiding scamsters:
10 Telltale Signs of a Work-From-Home Scam

There are programs like Cash Crate where you can get paid a few dollars per month for filling out surveys, offers etc. but you are unlikely to ever make a full-time income.

You really need to get away from the idea that you’re gonna get rich quick. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN UNLESS YOU WIN THE LOTTERY.

The Internet offers you a way to make money – and a lot of it – but realistically you MUST work to build a website, web presence and various marketing strategies.

Until you get and accept this reality you are going to be further susceptible to scamsters like these Fake News gangsters.

Here’s a screenshot of the ‘Home Jobs Placement’ scam in question:
<p>I look forward to bringing you further reports of Internet scams in the near future. If you have any to bring to my attention post them in the comments field below.</p>
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