Empower Network Review

My Slightly Biased Review of Empower Network

Biased? Well I am a member after all:)

Hope you don’t hold that against me!

Empower Network is the perfect opportunity for anyone with a PC and an Internet connection to make a serious income online without the usual pitfalls that usually plague a newcomer – when they try to make money online. Oh, like what challenges? Well for a start having to sell online, which most people dread – including myself. Well, no need to do that with Empower Network. Having to set up their own website? No need, Empower Network does all that for you – and what a sleek website it is.

Ever since Empower Network came online just over a year ago in October 2011 they have paid over $24 MILLION(Yes, MILLION) in commissions. I have been making online since 2004 and even I am impressed with these figures.


The Empower Network was set up by two guys – David Wood and David Sharpe – one of them a homeless guy(Hype or not? I don’t know!) – and from it’s inception has been making many people a lot of money online. We’re not talking small potatoes here either. Many members are making $10,000s residual income every month and the company is going from strength to strength.

I was introduced to the program through Stone Evan’s the founder of the Plug-in Profit System. What attracted me was the fact that rather than earning a few dollars of every sale of Empower Network products, I get to keep 100% of the sale. Being an affiliate marketer, that proposition is very, very attractive to me. By the way, if you’re a really savvy marketer – just like me;) – you should take a look at Stone Evan’s program. You get to promote and earn from 5 different income streams – including the Empower Network. Click here to check that out now!

Empower Network Products

The Blogging Set Up

At the core of EN is a WordPress blog and Fast Track videos series. The blog basically sets you up the nuts and bolts to promote yourself – or anything else you want – online. Blogging as a marketing tool, I have found to be extremely effective. One MAGICAL thing about blogging from the Empower Network platform is that this site has really become an authority site. Google LOVES authority site, so anything you write will have much more potential to reach high up the search engines and bring visitors to your new business.

Blogging is the main stay of my business. Everything I have to offer is displayed to from the blog you are currently reading this post on. So, blogging DOES work, and this part of EN gets a big thumbs up from me.

Along with the blog you are offered 8 training videos to get you off to a great start. These videos cover everything you need to know to get your business off to a flying start. They involve 8 steps – 8 Core Commitments – that you are strongly advised to do in order to make a success of your EN business. This really makes finding your success very, very simple, AND of course seeing that it is only 8 steps and they are laid out for you plainly and clearly – YOU REALLY CANNOT FAIL. Just commit yourself to completing the 8 steps and promising yourself to doing the daily commitments – the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can earn.

You are also offered an autoresponder to followup with any leads you may acquire. What I loved about the autoresponder was the fact that the guys over at Empower Network allow me to plugin my own Getresponse email sign up form. That way I have full control of any leads I collect as they are added to my own Getresponse account. Of course, you can choose to allow EN to follow up with all your leads. I have always been an independent sort of a guy when it comes to online business and prefer to keep the leads in my own account.

The blogging Set Up and Fastrack video series plus the autoresponder will cost you $25 per month.

I personally believe if this is all you signed up for you could make a great living from Empower Network by sales of this system to your prospects. But there’s much more…..

The Inner Circle Audio Library

This product gets you access to FANTASTIC audios from leaders in the Network Marketing, Internet Marketing arena and also from those leaders in Empower Network who are making a killing – including the two founders.

One of the great ways I stay motivated in my business is by watching or listening to other successful people. If you are going to learn something then you had better learn from the best – from those who are already doing the business and making it work. In that sense these audios are priceless. I suggest you listen often and take notes while you’re doing it.

The Costa Rica Intensive

The Costa Rica intensive is Over 16 Hours Of ‘Mastermind Intensive’ Inner Circle Training — Shot From The Mountains Of Costa Rica — thus the name:). Rather than try totell you inmy own words. Here’s what the actual site has to say about the Costa Rica Intensive and what it offers:

Over 11 – Hours Of Pure Marketing Science

3 days of INTENSIVE, private, small group ‘marketing science’ filmed on location in Costa Rica.

‘Closed door’ teachings on subjects like ‘Influencing the masses to buy without calling a sinlge one of them’ (trick revealed in video 4), ‘How to give your pitch sex appeal so people eagerly whip out their wallets’ (the secret exposed in video 7), and ‘The only three things you ever need to make money online‘ (you won’t believe what they are, in video 5).

SEO, Outsourcing and Copywriting Secrets

Discover the secrets the ‘gurus’ won’t tell about SEO and outsourcing, and see how mastering the art of copywriting can give you the power to literally write your paycheck (shocking breakdown video 6 and 9)

Cutting Edge training from ‘in the tranches’ marketers who reveal exaclty what they’re doing right now to make money and get results.

These videos and this product in general are for those who want to take their business to the next stage. You can stay with your blog set up oreven move up a step to learn from and sell the Inner Circle audios but if you really want to make the big, big bucks in Empower Network then consider buying the Costa Rica Intensive product. You also get Resale Rights to the product which costs $500. Every sale you make you get to keep 100%. That’s right, $500 straight to your bank account, immediately.

The 15K Formula

The 15K Formula is similar to the Costa Rica product but it goes into way more detail on the technicalk aspect of vistually every form of markeitng your Empower Network business – including online content creation, Google Adwords advertising, social network marketing and much more. Whereas the COsta Rica Intensive is more about what it takes to be successful, this product covers exactly HOW to do it – the nuts and bolts of running a successful online business.

You really are learning from the best in these videos. The two Daves have pulled out all the stops to invite only the best in the industry to show you the ropes.

That’s just a quick rundown of the products. You can find out much more over at the Empower site.

Now, you’ve heard the Pros. What are the CONS?

What I don’t like about Empower Network.

Nothing is EVER 100% perfect, right? Well, neither is Empower Network.

There are a couple of things that in my opinion are cons in terms of the EN set up.

1. If your blog becomes really successful and you then leave the business, all your content stays on THEIR site and leads from your blog will go to your sponsor. The good thing about this though is that anyone who signs up below you that leaves the business will pass their traffic upline to you. That said, I have always been reluctant to add too much content to a site that I am not in control of so may just opt to blog occasionally at the Empower blog and use my site here for the majority of my blogging.

2. There are not a great number of squeezepages in order to sign up leads. This could become a problem as Empower Network becomes more and more popular. Prospects will become used to seeing the ads and just won’t add their email addresses. Hopefully the EN staff will change this soon and Empower(You like that, I used the Empower word:)) members to customize their signup pages in some way – to make them look more original.

So, all in all I think Empower Network is a fantastic opportunity, whether you want to get in at the bottom level and make a good living from $25 residual payments or take it all the way to the top and make $10,000s every single month – just like the big guns – it looks as though you have everything you need at your finger tips – literally!

Surely, it’s worth a $25 investment to find out if this business is for you.

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