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Here are 3 Very Effective Methods for Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Most newcomers to the world of online marketing expect to discover secrets and shortcuts to building a successful Internet business.

There’s no doubt, there ARE overnight successes in this business, but they are not the norm. Most of us have worked long and hard to build our businesses. That common denominator is apparent, in the vast majority of successful Internet marketers, who will relate many failures and setbacks before eventually hitting the big time.

Targeted traffic leads to online business profits. Without targeted traffic then your website – no matter how amazing – will be a pointless dot on the vast landscape of the WWW.

Today I’m going to tell you the three most effective strategies that I am using today to keep the targeted visitors flowing.

1. BloggingBy ‘blogging’, I simply mean maintaining an online blog with targeted content, centred on topical articles related to your niche market. This includes frequent updates containing keyword rich phrases.

When you are writing a blog on topic, the relevant keyword phrases usually flow into the copy anyhow. So, no need to try too hard to ensure that loads of ‘search engine bait’ is included your blog posts.

2. Social Bookmarking There are now countless social networking websites on the net as I write this. Some of the most popular are sites like, Delicious, Digg, and Technorati.

From an Internet marketers’ perspective, the main aim of using these social sites it to get high quality back links back to our site. If you’ve been in this business for long you will know that getting keyword phrase laden back links to your web pages is one of the most important factors in gaining top search engine positions. Using social networks is a free, easy and effective way to do this.

So when you post a blog make sure to submit the blog post link to as many social bookmark sites as possible. This will require you to set-up free accounts at all the major social networking sites.

I use Bookmark Demon to automate this task.

3. Article submissions – This strategy is used for much the same reasons as Social Bookmarking. That is, to build backlinks to your site. Links back to your blog or website are attained by including one or two links in your article author bio. As with social bookmarking you can also benefit from direct links from your articles. Normally, the number of visitors that click through to your site, depends on the quality of your writing and the excitement instilled in your prospect.

These three methods of online marketing are basic ways to build and maintain any online business. The costs are low and the results are guaranteed. As soon as the web traffic starts arriving you are able to plug in numerous of your own products or affiliate services.

Monetizing your blog or regular website, is actually the easy part. Getting the targeted traffic is where you need to be persistent and work hard. All the hard work WILL pay off though. Just keep at it!

What’s most amazing is that the methods above, when applied to any niche market, prove to result in powerful long and short term success.

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